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We Specialize in Sheet Metal Fabrication. We Perform All Operations From Raw Material to Finished Product In-house From Customer's Drawings and CAD Files.

With over 150 years of combined experience, Penn Metal Fabricators utilizes state of the art technology to produce quality products on a timely basis to a wide set of industries. Industries served include the U.S. Military, Aviation, U.S. Postal Service, Biomedical, Construction and Electrical industries.

In our 175,000 sq. ft. plant in Ebensburg, PA, Penn Metal Fabricators offers complete custom metal fabrication from raw materials to finished products from customers' drawings and/or CAD/CAM files. Our metal fabrication capabilities include: shear, saw, laser cut plate, laser cut tubing, machine, turn, punch, bend, deep draw, weld, wet coat, powder coat, assemble, finish, and package all to your specifications and tight tolerances for a variety of metals.

Our facilities also include an in-house repair shop to repair our own equipment, ensuring production up time.

Whether you need a special one time product or long production runs, Penn Metal Fabricators has both the experience and resources to complete your project on time using quality processes.

Our procedures and processes meet all ISO specifications as well as the strict requirements of both the US Military and US Postal Service.


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custom metal fabrication
Raw Materials

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Laser Cut

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Tube Bending

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Powder Coating

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